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Main War — Reznikov: The Ministry of Defense is focused on making Europe see the needs of our army as its own


Reznikov: The Ministry of Defense is focused on making Europe see the needs of our army as its own

01 Jun, 2022
Reznikov: The Ministry of Defense is focused on making Europe see the needs of our army as its own

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Direct speech

Today is 1 June, but many of us feel like it’s 24 February.

Wherever each of us may be, mentally, we are still in Kharkiv, Luhansk and Donetsk regions. With our hearts and minds, we are with Kherson, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhia regions and Crimea.

“How are our Ukrainians doing out there?” – this is the main question that remains in constant focus. How are those who heroically defend Ukraine from the russian invasion? How are those who, sadly, are now in captivity or on temporary occupied territories?

The battle for Donbas and our other territories continues. According to internationally recognized Ukrainian borders, ahead of us lies the de-occupation of all our lands. Difficult stages of the liberation of our boys and girls from captivity, as well as the return of Ukrainian citizens forcibly deported to russia lie ahead.

We are working on this all together: the President of Ukraine, the Presidential Office, members of Government, our diplomats, intelligence, military command, and soldiers on the ground. It is a difficult path. But we will make it.

For a long time now, the Ministry of Defence’s efforts have been focused as much as possible on ensuring that the needs of Ukraine’s defense forces are perceived as one’s own in Europe and beyond.

On Sunday, I had the honor to address the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and take part in the discussion. Apart from the traditional emphasis on the fact that Ukraine needs heavy weaponry quickly and in sufficient quantity, I proposed the members of the Assembly (who also represent the parliaments of their states) to take three things into account.

First. The actions of the russian authorities are openly criminal and terrorist in nature. The kremlin is committing a crime of genocide against the Ukrainian people. At the same time, russia is trying to terrorize the world by the threat of a global food crisis. This is state terrorism, and this is exactly how it should be perceived in every free world country. With corresponding consequences for criminals.

Second. Russia is investing huge resources into lies, speculating on problems it creates on its own. I call upon parliamentarians to take the lead in explaining to their citizens what the kremlin regime does to Europe. Talks about “fatigue” from Ukraine and the war, which russian leaders are trying to spark artificially, and objective complications will disappear only when the cause – russian aggression – will be eliminated.

Third. There is no point in pushing Ukraine to make decisions on surrendering its own territory for the temporary appeasement of moscow. This will only increase the aggressor’s appetites. Moreover, such measures will not be accepted neither by the Ukrainian government, nor by the Ukrainian people.

Someone who wants to stop the war this way will get the exact opposite result. The war will come directly to the NATO and EU borders. Russian propagandists directly controlled by the kremlin are already saying on air that it is time for russia to “demilitarize” not only Ukraine, but the entire NATO. That is, we hear direct threats to the safety of the whole world. There will be millions of new refugees and hundreds of billions of new financial losses for Europe.

In its final declaration in support of Ukraine, the Assembly inter alia noted the following important things.

First of all, it was recognized that through its aggression against Ukraine, russia seeks not only to destroy Ukrainian democracy, but also intimidate other sovereign and democratic countries, and hence undermine the values fundamental to the NATO and the whole democratic, civilized and peaceful world.

Furthermore, Assembly members stated that moscow’s actions have created a new strategic reality, and that the Alliance’s allies and partners should immediately find solutions, including long-term ones.

In this context, the NATO Summit in Madrid will be of paramount importance. It is where the adoption of the NATO Strategic Concept 2030 is expected. I drew the attention of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly to the fact that this Concept would be weak from the very beginning, if it fails to designate a clear place for Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders. Among other things, this may encourage other actors that view armed aggression against an independent state as means for achieving their goals.

In the end of the month, we will see the results. Meanwhile, we are continuing intensive dialogue with our partners on the bilateral level.

Yesterday I had a very meaningful conversation with a great friend of Ukraine, the US Secretary of Defense Mr. Lloyd Austin III. We are anticipating a new portion of good news soon thanks to the remarkable leadership of the United States in supporting Ukraine’s fight against the russian invasion.

I also spoke with my colleague, the Minister of National Defence of Canada Mrs. Anita Anand. I highly value the efforts of the Minister in everything she does for Ukraine. We have a special relationship with Canada and feel their genuine support.

Before that, I had spoken with the Minister of National Defence of Portugal, Prof. Helena Carreiras. We greatly appreciate Lisbon’s support, their concrete and necessary steps that will increase our capacity to resist the kremlin.

Today we expect good news from Poland. Our delegation from the Ministry of Defence is finishing its work. We will announce the details soon.

In total, we calculated that in May there were 30 official international events, not counting dozens of working contacts. The key event in May was the second meeting of the Coordination and Advisory Group for Assistance to Ukraine in the Ramstein format. In two weeks, we will discuss the progress on our third meeting.

The results of these communications are already working at the front lines or are on the move to Ukraine.

Ukraine is currently going through a critical phase of the war. We have extremely bloody battles on the East. We lack heavy weaponry to push back the enemy. That is why we are not stopping, even for a minute.
However, every day of resistance strengthens the confidence that Ukraine will endure and certainly win.

Glory to Ukraine!

The Odessa Journal

The Odessa Journal

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