Ribas Hotels Group based in Odessa delayed opening of hotel in Poland

Ribas Hotels Group LLC (Odessa), the managing company of the national network of tourist hotel of 3-4 star categories, has postponed the opening of the Bautzen hotel in Jelenia Gora (Poland) until the end of 2021, but it does not exclude another delay.

Previously, Ribas Hotels Group planned to launch the Bautzen hotel in the spring of 2021. The three-star hotel will include 23 rooms. The total area will be 1,087 square meters. The object will be the first in the portfolio of the operator outside of Ukraine.

According to estimates by Ribas Hotels Group, the planned return on investment in the opening of Bautzen is 10% per annum.

Yes, the pandemic has affected the construction time. We are continuing construction, but the deadlines are likely to be postponed even from those announced on our website today (this is the end of 2021).

Arthur Lupashko, founder of Ribas Hotels Group

According to him, during the lockdown in Poland, it was impossible to carry out construction work. In addition, 90% of the builders involved in the site are from Ukraine, and experienced difficulties in entering Poland due to quarantine restrictions.

Ribas Hotels Group cooperates (management, franchising and booking) with 25 hotel and restaurant facilities (city, beach and ski hotels). The company’s portfolio includes business hotels Wall Street by Ribas and Bossfor by Ribas (Odessa), ski hotel Ribas Karpaty (Bukovel, Ivano-Frankivsk region), beach complex Richard by Ribas (Odessa region). Hotels in L’viv and Kyiv, as well as in Poland, are currently at the design and construction stage.