Risoil resumed the final stage of the construction of a two-sided pier in the port of Chornomorsk

The Risoil group of companies decided to resume final works on implementing a large-scale investment project in the port of Chornomorsk.

This was reported by the Risoil press service on Facebook.

It is noted that the construction of the two-sided pier was carried out daily from mid-April 2021. They were forcibly suspended on February 24, 2022 at the stage of active installation of technological equipment for a bilateral pier. Now the readiness of the entire complex is more than 80%.

It is reported that in January of this year, AMPU completed dredging works on the approaches to the structure, reaching 15 meters. At the same time, the final stage of the work began – the installation of technological equipment.

Its characteristics allow you to load both oil and grain quickly. The project is planned to be fully completed in 3-4 months.


Risoil noted that now the company’s task is to continue what we have and know how to do best — invest in developing port infrastructure, and pay taxes and wages to employees.

First of all, we thank the Ukrainian defenders for the opportunity to do all this today.


And they reminded that fifty “Risoil” workers are serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Territorial Defence ranks.

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