Rocket attack on Odessa and the region. The situation with the heating and water supply

It became known about the heating and water supply situation in Odessa and the region after the Russian missile attack. Now most of the city and the Odessa region are connected to the water supply. In addition, in Odessa, all regional boiler houses, which were de-energized due to an enemy missile strike, resumed work.

At a briefing, the press secretary of the head of the Odessa Regional Military Administration, Sergei Bratchuk, said that on December 5, due to an enemy strike, Odessa and most of the territorial communities of the Odessa region were left without electricity, water, and heat supply. In addition to hitting critical infrastructure, several residential buildings were damaged.

“Repair work continued all evening and all night. The vast majority of subscribers in Odessa and the Odessa region are now connected to the water supply. Gradually, electricity is supplied to the relevant micro districts. Heat supply has been restored to more than 5 thousand residential buildings. Now quarterly boiler houses and the Odessa thermal power plant are also operating,” – Bratchuk said.

He added that now there are micro districts where water is supplied. Also on December 5, people were rescued who got stuck in the elevators of high-rise buildings during the shelling.

The press service of the mayor’s office also reported that all 11 district boiler houses have already been restarted; they are working and supplying heat to the houses of Odessa residents.

“Out of 146 small boiler houses, 12 are operating. All the rest are still without electricity,” the report says.

It is also noted that all city hospitals and maternity hospitals are currently provided with electricity, water and heat.

“Now the water supply has been restored in all city districts. The operational headquarters and utilities work around the clock and respond to all calls in a timely manner,” the mayor’s office says.

On December 5, Russia again launched a missile attack on Ukraine. Rashists attacked several regions, among which was the Odessa region. Explosions were heard in Odessa and the region, after which the light and water disappeared.