Rocket attack on the Odessa region: the children’s rehabilitation center of the government of Moldova was damaged

The recreational center in Sergeevka, Odessa region, which was hit by Russian missiles on the night of July 1, is the Rehabilitation Center for Children, belonging to the Moldovan government.

This was stated by the Minister of Health of Moldova, Ala Nemerenco on Facebook.

As a result of the Russian missile strike, one employee of the center was killed and five were injured. The center was intended to rehabilitate children from Moldova with serious illnesses. Its operation was temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, but there were staff in the building.

The shelling did not seriously damage the Center itself, only the windows of the boiler room were shattered. But with regret, we were informed that five employees of the Center were injured and one died. All of them lived in the building that suffered from the shelling

Ala Nemerenco

There is nothing more dangerous than war. We are happy until rockets fly over us, cherish this. The rest can be fixed.

Ala Nemerenco

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