Roman Svitan about a new drone attack in southern Ukraine

This night, the Russians attacked the south of Ukraine using Iranian Shahed 136 drones. Roman Svitan, in an interview with Channel 24, answered why the Russian attack could be considered successful.

“They still have kamikaze drones. Apparently, the drones are coming in small batches; apparently certain logistics chains have been established from Iran to Russia. Or they have established an assembly of drones on their territory.

There were issues with the instructors, as the Ukrainian special operations forces destroyed several instructor groups, which may be why there was a delay in using drones for several weeks. Or new instructors have arrived, and therefore, the drones are back in front. Now along the sea and rivers, the fog is quite intense in some areas. Therefore, they most likely found new flight routes.”

Consequences of kamikaze drone attacks on the energy infrastructure facilities of the Odessa region.

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