Roman Svitan: Does the situation in Moldova threaten Ukraine?

Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in reserve, military instructor pilot Roman Svitan, in an interview with Unian, spoke about what is happening on the border of Ukraine with Moldova.

“In military terms, nothing threatens Ukraine from Moldova, but in Moldova, there are certain threats from the so-called Transniastrian (Pridnestrovian) People’s Republic (PMR). If the protests and processes that are now running become clashes with the use of weapons, the Russian contingent may join there.

If the President of Moldova asks us for military assistance, after that we can intervene and clean up the PMR in a couple of weeks. 2 weeks is enough for us to destroy the Russian troops in the Transniastrian (Pridnestrovian) People’s Republic . But I repeat once again that this can only be at the request of the Moldovan government.

Our troops are already there. We must keep a certain contingent of troops, which is very much needed now on the front line. And we have to keep it, moreover, stretched along the entire border with Moldova. Several brigades of Ukrainian soldiers remain there.”

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