Roman Svitan: Iran will collapse from within

In an interview for the Fabryka Novyn (News Factory), military analyst Roman Svitan expressed his opinion about the upcoming changes in the world, the state of NATO, and the collapse of two empires.

“NATO is fine. Normal structure, normal relationships. A clear system of communications within NATO countries. It’s just that a few decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO was covered with dust. Here is Putin, now brushed off this dust. This is the system to recharge again. The system will understand where you need to recharge, and what you need to reset completely. Ukraine will definitely join NATO. Moldova and Belarus will join NATO after a certain time. Finland and Sweden, of course. There will be a vertical from the Kola Peninsula to Turkey. And this axis will become a kind of rubicon between Europe and Asia. Georgia will definitely enter,” said Roman Svitan.

Roman Svitan believes that it is not the military architecture of the world that will change, but the connections in world politics.

“There is a big problem in the UN. Rather, permanent representatives of the Security Council will disappear from the UN. We see, for example, how a permanent member of the Security Council, Russia, constantly goes beyond the framework of the UN Charter, beyond the legal framework. Most likely, this body will be abolished.


In addition to the Russian Empire, there will be a question of the collapse of the Iranian Empire. And it will be done. All the same, Turkey’s attempts, and the readiness of most of the Azerbaijani people of Iran to reunite with Azerbaijan and Turkey. And this big new world will destroy Iran. Iran will collapse from within. Also under the influence of external pressure. Therefore, in the near future we will observe the collapse of the two empires. Russian and Iranian.”


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