Roman Svitan: Russia will not be able to arrange terror with Iranian missiles

Russia will not be able to bombard Ukraine with hundreds of Iranian ballistic missiles at once since Tehran has very few launchers that allow it to do so.

As military expert Roman Svitan told FREEDOM, Iran can supply Russia with 100-200 ballistic missiles in total.

According to the expert, the Iranian defense industry is much weaker than the Russian one. Russia itself managed to produce only 700-800 Iskanders in seven years, most of which have already been used in Ukraine.

According to satellite data from Iran’s attack on the American base in Iraq, Tehran used only 15 missiles at a time, 5 of them flew.

From this, Svitan concludes that Iran needs more launchers: “The sheer number of missiles does not indicate the possibility of their simultaneous launch. The Iranians have very few launchers, they are not enough for this. These are not hundreds, but dozens of launchers.”

There will definitely be no more problems than we had, Svitan believes. “We can deal with the Iranian (missiles), or at least they won’t cause as much damage as they are usually told about. A strike of even all the missiles at the same time will not be so catastrophic,” the expert noted.

“Our military-political leadership has decided to destroy launchers and launch sites. I think they will be destroyed in the territories where they will be launched,” Svitan suggested.

According to the speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Yuri Ignat, Russia plans to deploy missiles to the north of Ukraine. Ukraine has little defense against these missiles, he admitted. As of November 4, Ukrainian intelligence had no data on whether the missiles had reached Russia.

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