Roman Svitan: Russia will not run out of missiles

Until Western sanctions work, Russia can still carry out massive attacks on Ukraine.

The stocks of missiles of the Russian Federation will be exhausted in a month and a half. However, even after that, massive strikes will continue. This opinion was voiced by a military expert, colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in reserve Roman Svitan in an interview with Unian.

“The country that produces them will never run out of missiles. There is a certain number of missiles being produced. At least one missile per day, they can make, or even more. After reaching zero stocks, which can be in a month and a half, they will prepare for this kind of massive attack once a month. And this is already commonplace. About 50-70 missiles they launch in one attack in several waves, maybe due to a lack of carriers. They simply cannot do more. Therefore, they will keep about this level once a month. Previously, the attacks were once a week, then once every two weeks, now, it’s once every three weeks. It will come to once a month,” he said.

At the same time, the expert noted, one should not assume that the fact that sometimes Russian missiles do not reach is connected with the effectiveness of sanctions.

“Why doesn’t a rocket fly? For example, the engine is designed for an hour of flight, in the second hour it starts to overheat and stops. Missiles fall because of the initially incorporated technological shortcomings of the components. It is unlikely that this is due to the effect of sanctions. If the sanctions worked, there would simply be no missiles. And if they fly, then at least now the sanctions do not work,” he stressed.

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