Roman Svitan: Russians should be in isolation for 100 years

It is better not to contact the Russians for hundreds of years. During this time, four generations of people will be replaced there and the “Nazism gene” may disappear, Svitan says.

After the war is over, the Russians should not be contacted for at least 100 years. The behavior of Russians, their attitude towards the war, and Nazism, which manifests itself in the desire to destroy the entire Ukrainian people, are part of the Russian mentality and genotype.

For the Russians to get rid of such ingrained problems, at least four generations must change, and only then will it be possible to have normal contact with them. This was told by a military expert, reserve colonel, and military pilot-instructor Roman Svitan in a Glavred chat.

“This is a problem of the Russian mentality, the Russian genotype, the Russian psychomatrix, which is recorded up to five years and reproduced in each new generation,” the military expert notes.

According to Svitan, the aggressor country, Russia, should be “covered” for some time, just as North Korea was once covered.

“This is a problem of genetics. You just need to protect yourself from the Russians. No contact with them after our victory. Forget about these people for a hundred years as some kind of global functionality. Four generations must change, and only then will it be possible to try to contact them,” says the expert.

He drew attention to the fact that the problem lies in the whole people and not in its individual representatives. Thus, sociological surveys have shown that up to about 75% of the Russian population favors the destruction of Ukraine and all its people, which is a clear manifestation of Nazism and the desire to commit genocide. This shows that the Russians have the “Nazi gene”.

When several generations change in Russia, a slightly different nation may form there.

“But in the next hundred years, we shouldn’t contact the Russians,” Svitan summed up.

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