Roman Svitan: we should not discard the possibility of Ukrainian troops leaving Bakhmut

Every day the situation in the Bakhmut region is aggravating. The Russian Federation is concentrating more and more of its reserves there, trying to break through the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Roman Svitan told under what circumstances the defenders of Bakhmut could be ordered to retreat from the city.

A TSN journalist asked a colonel in the Armed Forces of Ukraine reserve how the forced retreat of Ukrainian troops from Bakhmut would affect the future offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and how difficult it would be to regain control over this city.

In response, Roman Svitan said: “These are two unrelated things. These are absolutely unrelated things. I don’t understand how publications connect them, but most likely, they are far from military topics or this is some kind of information and psychological operation that is not being developed at least we have it.”

After that, the military expert said what should happen for the General Staff to order the Armed Forces of Ukraine to leave Bakhmut: “Bakhmut itself is not being held as a settlement or a point on the map. Ukrainian troops are now holding Bakhmut as a convenient line of defense. As soon as Bakhmut becomes an uncomfortable line of defense, If the Russians go to Chasiv Yar, cut off the main supply lines, Bakhmut will become an inconvenient line of defense, and only in this case, the Ukrainian troops will move to a more convenient line, which is this ridge beyond Bakhmut.”

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