Roman Svitan: within a month, the Russian Federation will be able to prepare a maximum of 100,000 people for mobilization

The expert believes that mobilization in Russia is similar to training reservists with live fire.

He announced this on the air of the information telethon.

According to him, mobilization in the Russian Federation is more like training reservists with live fire, as martial law has not been declared.

“They will be able to prepare a maximum within a month – this is 100,000 people. That is, this is the movement we see, it is more media. There will not be a big wave as such. They will gradually restore them. The first reservists that we now see go by buses, they will come to our front in at least in a month, not earlier,” the expert said.

He also noted that there would most likely be several waves in the Russian Federation, 100 thousand in one and a half to two months.

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