Rum in honor of Ukraine: all proceeds from the sale of the limited series will go to Ukraine

On July 20, Europeans can purchase a unique novelty: rum Barbados 2015 Ukraine Charity Bottling with a blue-yellow label. The Plantation Rum brand released a limited edition drink to support Ukraine. The company plans to transfer all proceeds from selling 246 bottles to the Ukrainian non-profit organization BudmoUA.

Aleksandr Gabriel, Plantation Rum blend master, comments on the new product: “We all know people who were directly affected by the war, so we wanted to support BudmoUA’s mission to help Ukrainians. Hospitality is one of the most important values ​​of the Plantation Rum brand. Thanks to our donation, the organization will be able to purchase vehicles for the daily delivery of products to thousands of Ukrainians in the areas most affected by the war.”

Kateryna Mykhaylenko, PR manager of the BudmoUA project, notes: “The entire BudmoUA team is grateful to the Maison Ferrand company for its support and donation of €16,000. So far, this is the largest contribution we have received. We plan to spend these funds on purchasing two vans or SUVs to deliver food, humanitarian aid, and evacuate civilians from war-affected areas.”

Barbados 2015 Ukraine Charity Bottling is a limited edition of 246 numbered bottles of rum with a cask strength of 51.7%. First, the drink was aged for 2 years in bourbon casks in a tropical climate and a year in Ferrand casks in France, after which it was aged for another 4 years in single malt Irish whiskey casks.

The rum has a rich and balanced aroma thanks to the triple aging. Top notes: ripe exotic fruits, coconut and olives, shades of banana, spices and malt notes in the taste, the aftertaste of cocoa and dried fruits

It will be possible to buy Barbados 2015 Ukraine Charity Bottling rum in Europe online on the La Maison du Whiskey platform. All proceeds from the sale (€65 per bottle or a total of €16,000) will be donated to the BudmoUA organization.

UPD: The entire batch of rum sold out in a few hours!

Plantation Rum

Plantation Rum was established in 1999, and its signature raffia-wrapped bottles can be found on the tables of the world’s finest restaurants and prestigious bars. Thanks to unique craftsmanship, each bottle showcases the flavors of a specific terroir with an exciting taste enhanced by the centuries-old tradition of the double aging technique. The Plantation range, thanks to its originality, quality, variety, and innovative methods inspired by historical research, has won the hearts of rum lovers around the world. Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple (three times recognized as the “Best alcohol in the world”) and Barbados XO 20th Anniversary releases have already become classics.


The BudmoUA project was initiated by a group of spirits industry professionals. The team holds events in international bars and sends all collected funds to help Ukrainian restaurants and volunteer organizations that feed more than 20,000 people every day. Among them are military personnel, doctors, elderly people, children, young mothers and those who need support.

Thanks to the project, the Ukrainian tradition of toasting Budmo! spread around the world. Charity events with the name BudmoUA have already been held in Germany, Spain, Italy, Georgia, Romania, Belgium, Great Britain, Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic.

Text and photos provided by BudmoUA.

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