Russia attacked the Kyiv region with Iranian UAVs more than 6 times

At night, the Russian invaders carried out more than six attacks by shaheed drones on the territory of the Kyiv region.

This was announced in his Telegram channel by the head of the police of the Kyiv region Andrey Nebytov.

“The enemy has dealt another blow to the Kyiv region. This night, the aggressor made more than six attacks on the region’s territory with Shahed drones,” he wrote.

Nebytov noted that rescuers are extinguishing the fire that arose due to the attack, and law enforcement officers are fixing the consequences of the strike and ensuring law and order in one of the districts.

“According to preliminary data, there are no victims or injured,” the head of the regional police said.

At the same time, Nebytov added, the Air Defense Forces worked in other areas and successfully destroyed several enemy drones.

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