Russia deployed fighter aircraft to the airfield in Belarus

Russian Su-30 fighter aircraft arrived at the Belarusian airfield “Baranovichi”. These aircraft are in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces.

This was reported by the monitoring group “Belarusian Guyun”.

Today (September 29) 3 Su-30SM multirole fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces entered the airspace of Belarus and landed at the Baranovichi airfield.

Belarusian Guyun

It is noted that the last flights of Russian fighters between the Russian Federation and Belarus were recorded at the end of March when the planes left the Belarusian territory. The aircraft remaining at the airfields “Baranovichi” and “Lida” were used to train new pilots of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

It is known that in October of this year, the second batch of Su-30SM fighters should be delivered to Belarus. Still, the arrived fighters have registration numbers RF-81772, RF-81760 and RF-81758 and are in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces, and not from the factory.

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