Russia has come up with a new scheme to supply cannon fodder to the forefront: hiring men for “humanitarian” work

Russian recruitment companies are now looking for “volunteers” for the army. They offer good salaries for the “reconstruction” of the occupied territories in eastern Ukraine – to dismantle blockages or load humanitarian aid.

This was told to Security Service of Ukraine investigators by a captured aggressor who came under the contract allegedly as a “handyman”.

But, according to him, such contractors have little choice: to serve as “cannon fodder” in the illegal armed groups “LPR / DPR” or to be shot for refusal. In particular, this native of Udmurtia signed a contract with the USSR for 2 months.

He worked on clearing the school grounds for only the first week. And then, together with 32 other “colleagues”, he was sent to Zolota to be subordinated to the so-called “LPR”.

And everything did not go very well in them:

“Of these 32 people: 7 were taken prisoner, 6 went back, the other became cargo 200. I was wounded myself. “

SBU investigators and counterintelligence are currently working with him.

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