Russia has intensified an information campaign in Poland against aid to Ukraine

Recently, an information campaign has been intensified in Poland to dissuade Poles from helping Ukraine.

Stanisław Żaryn, the Commissioner of the Polish Government for Security of the Information Space, wrote about this on Twitter.

According to him, the propaganda message is focused on promoting the thesis that Ukrainians are a threat to Polish society.

Thus, attempts to spread lies about Ukrainians and their presence in the country, manipulation of the circumstances of various events or spreading insinuations were recorded in Poland. The goal of this campaign is to force the Poles to abandon their support for Ukraine.

“For Russia, in the current situation, the priority task is for the West to stop aid to Ukraine. For this, the Kremlin uses political, military, and propaganda measures, hoping that this will lead to the isolation of Ukraine,” wrote Stanisław Żaryn.

In an article for NewsWeek, he said: “Although Polish society is quite resistant to Russian propaganda, since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many hostile and dangerous narratives have been revealed, aimed at Poland, Polish-Ukrainian relations, NATO, and the entire Western community.”

In particular, Russian propaganda tries to create fear of a nuclear disaster, energy crises, or food shortages; slander countries that support Ukraine; question Ukraine’s military, financial and humanitarian support from Poland.

Stanisław Żaryn

Recently, increased propaganda efforts were felt after the fall of a rocket on the Polish border.

“Immediately, Russian narratives began to spread that Ukraine is a threat to Poland, that the West’s support for Kyiv is a failure, and that Ukrainian missiles are destroying Ukrainian cities and causing casualties,” Żaryn said.

He emphasized: supporting Ukraine, especially through the supply of military equipment, meets the security interests of the West.

“This is the only way to stop further Russian aggression. If we fail now, there will be no lasting peace in Europe, and who knows who will be Russia’s next victim,” the official emphasized.