Russia has tried to use criminality to shake up the situation in Odessa

The Security Service of Ukraine neutralized a powerful criminal group in Odessa, which cooperated with the enemy and wanted to join the occupying “power” if the russian army captured the city.

Leaders and members of criminal groups, including “Emil Varshavsky” and “Paizulayev”, are detained in a large-scale special operation by the Security Service of Ukraine and the National Security Service.

Collaborators kept in touch with representatives of the Russian Federation, “reported” to them about the region’s situation, and terrorized and intimidated the local population.

Some members of the group joined the Territorial Defense Forces to gather information about the Ukrainian military in the Odessa region.

The exposed persons had to “hunt” for law enforcement officers and patriotic activists, according to the SBU.

All members of the group who are citizens of Ukraine have been detained. One of the leaders (a foreigner) is currently expelled from Ukraine, and another, who is abroad, is barred from entering.

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