Russia is preparing a large-scale provocation in Mariupol to accuse Ukraine

The atrocities of the racists in Bucha came as a shock to the whole world. The army of “liberators” has clearly shown that it is in fact a “russian peace” – murdered children with their hands tied, raped women, mutilated bodies of men … Ruthless concentrated evil cynically covers its actions with clumsy fables about the Nazis.

Therefore, the main task of Russian propaganda today is to divert the audience’s attention, both international and domestic, as much as possible.

Scenarios for new fakes have already been developed, and Russian propagandists are preparing the groundwork. In particular, lies about alleged crimes of Ukrainian defenders of Mariupol are being actively “thrown” into the information field.

According to available data, the occupiers are preparing a large-scale falsification: they plan to gather in one place the bodies of Mariupol residents killed by the Russians themselves and present them as mass victims of Ukrainian troops. To this end, false theses have recently been circulating that “Ukrainians use civilians as human shields.” However, this is an outright delusion. In fact, the Russian troops are destroying the people of Mariupol – in early March, the city was already forced to bury the dead in mass graves.

So the occupiers’ plans to absolve themselves of responsibility for these killings are further proof that we are at war with a real horde that has already tarnished itself with crimes so much that no one will believe its cheap fakes.

Instead, we will do our best to hold each invader accountable for the atrocities committed.


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