Russia plans demonstration “trial” of prisoners of war in Mariupol

The occupiers constructing prison cells on the stage of the Philharmonic Society in Mariupol in order to arrange a show trial of prisoners of war.

This was reported in the Mariupol City Council.

Now, on the stage of the Mariupol Chamber Philharmonic, Russian invaders are assembling prison cells. The diameter of the reinforcement is 20 mm. The invaders are planning to hold a demonstrative” trial “of the defenders of Ukraine in September.

Vadim Boychenko

Mayor Vadim Boychenko, commenting on this, noted that the Russian occupiers continue to disregard all international norms.

They continue to multiply war crimes, demonstrating disregard for the entire civilized world.

Vadim Boychenko

The Mayor of Mariupol called on the world community, the UN and the Red Cross to intervene in the situation and enforce the rules for the treatment of prisoners of war.

We must do everything to ensure that our defenders return to Ukraine alive and prevent another Yelenovka in Mariupol

Vadim Boychenko

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