Russia put “on pause” the holding of “referenda”: Feygin revealed new fears of the Kremlin

The Russian Federation’s authorities are afraid of our military’s determination and fear that even after the “referenda,” Ukraine will return all the occupied territories.

Russia is no longer in such a hurry to hold so-called “referenda” in the temporarily occupied territories. The point is that the Kremlin has new fears. Russians are simply afraid of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin told this on the air of the FreeDOM project.

It is clear that no one recognizes the “referendum” that the Russian Federation is going to hold. However, the Kremlin does not abandon the idea of ​​”legalizing” the occupied territories. However, our Armed Forces of Ukraine do not refuse de-occupation, which is why the Russians have a problem, Feigin believes.

In the Russian Federation, they do not know when they should now hold their pseudo-referenda. Earlier, the occupiers have already told how exactly they plan to falsify all “votes”. There will be no votes, no counting, Feigin believes. In fact, the Russian Federation just wants to announce the “attachment” of the occupied Ukrainian territories. But now they have taken a break.

The Russian Federation still has a political problem that the Kremlin cannot solve. According to Feigin, it lies in the fact that the aggressor country is simply afraid to hold “referenda.” After all, suddenly, the next day after the announcement that the occupied territories allegedly became “Russian”, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will appear there. They don’t know what to do next and how to explain their defeat.

The Russian Federation is “cautious,” Feigin noted, the invaders are frightened by our determination and shelling in Crimea. According to the expert, this is something new for Moscow, since before the Ukrainian military did not have such capabilities in the form of weapons that the West provides us with. In addition, the Kremlin thought that our military would not have enough determination. That is why Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev threatened Ukraine with a “doomsday”. They simply did not think that an explosion would begin in Crimea.

And now, in the Russian Federation, they understand, Feigin added, that the war will not stop after the “referenda”. That is why the Kremlin has put its pseudo-voting “on pause” and is trying to figure out how best to proceed.

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