Defence Intelligence: Russia refuses to recognize the death of 27 crew members of the cruiser “Moscow”

Officials and special services continue to force the families of Russian sailors to hide information about their relatives who died in “Moscow”.

27 crew members, including 19 conscripts, are still missing. Only midshipman Vakhrushev was officially buried in Sevastopol.

The commander of the cruiser, Captain First Rank Kuprin, who was one of the first to leave the ship in violation of the statute, explains his action by trying to save conscripts. It is as if he received such an order after the explosions on the ship.

Relatives of the dead sailors are refused to be accepted in command of the Russian Navy and the Black Sea Fleet, as well as in the authorities and social security. They are sent to a group of psychologists, doctors, and lawyers who were specially created to hide information about the dead and missing occupiers-conscripts.

Upon learning of the relatives’ desire to publish information about the victims in the media, FSB officers came to their homes and places of work and carried out “explanatory work” with threats of criminal liability for divulging state secrets.

Social tensions among relatives of Russians killed on the Moscow cruiser continue to rise.

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