Russia retreats because Ukraine raises rates

According to Ramis Yunus, Putin has fewer options, while Zelensky is gradually taking his place in the G7 and G20.

Ukraine raised the stakes in negotiations with Russia, which forced the Russian Federation to retreat and stimulated the West to take decisive action.

Ramis Yunus, an expert on international politics, said on Espresso that Russia had been bluffing with nuclear weapons for 20 years but did not exert pressure because the West did not resist.

According to him, the Russian Federation went into a pass when President Vladimir Zelensky issued a decree refusing to negotiate with Vladimir Putin.

“Now the stakes have been raised. Then Generals Hodges, Petraeus, then Biden himself, all Western leaders began to speak confidently, then the 101st division appeared. That is, the West began to raise its stakes regularly. And also, after all, the bombing of a military airfield in the Crimea, what happened there now, and no one knows who did it, no one admits it, although it does not matter: Russia understands that they are being taken quietly, the target is all the main infrastructures, following how they start bombing the energy infrastructure of Ukraine. Therefore, Putin has fewer options,” Yunus explained.

According to the political scientist, that is why Putin is in a hurry and is trying to fix the current situation.

“And if before that he said that he would definitely go to the G20, then the day before yesterday in Sochi, he said: this issue has not yet been resolved. And why go there when there is no “picture” – a meeting with Biden, something that is possibly “Sell” to someone? If Zelensky was at the G7 and Zelensky will be at the G20, again virtually, but still it will be at a high respectful level, that is, it will take the place of Russia at the G7 and G20, why would Putin need such a situation?” he added.

At the beginning of a full-scale war, Vladimir Zelensky repeatedly urged Putin to negotiate and stop the bloodshed through diplomacy. Despite his appeals, the Kremlin refused until it had the desired “success” at the front.

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