Russia signed an agreement with the Taliban on the supply of energy resources and grain at a discount

This is the first international partnership for the Taliban since they returned to power in Afghanistan over a year ago.

Russia will start supplying gasoline, diesel, and grain to Afghanistan as part of a temporary agreement with the Taliban. All items will be purchased at a discount.

The relevant information was shared by Reuters, citing the Acting Minister of Trade and Industry of Afghanistan, Haji Nuruddin Azizi.

The official said the Taliban are working to diversify their trading partners. And Russia just offered imports at discounts compared to average world prices.

According to Azizi, the agreement provides for the export of 1 million tons of diesel fuel, the same amount of gasoline, 500,000 tons of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and 2 million tons of wheat each year. The minister also clarified that the deal would be valid for an indefinite trial period. And if both parties are satisfied, they will conclude a permanent agreement.

Azizi did not say anything about prices for products. Road and rail will deliver energy resources and grain to Afghanistan from Russia. The agreement was reached after the Afghan technical team spent several weeks discussing all the details in Moscow.

Recall that any power did not officially recognize the Taliban after the group seized power due to a 20-year uprising and struggle against Western forces with their Afghan allies. She entered Kabul when the US withdrew its troops from the state.

Although Russia did not recognize the power of the Taliban, it received the leaders of the movement on the eve of the fall of the capital of Afghanistan. And the Russian Embassy is one of the few that continue to operate in the state.

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