Russia wants to get missiles from Iran that Ukrainian air defense cannot shoot down

Ukrainian air defense cannot counter enemy ballistic missiles and anti-aircraft missiles that fly along a ballistic trajectory. In this regard, Russia remains the threat of getting Iranian ballistic missiles.

This was announced by the speaker of the Air Force, Colonel Yuri Ignat, on the air of the national telethon. He stressed the importance of providing Patriot PAC-3 and SAMP-T systems to our country.

“The main threat that hangs in the air and can still be implemented is, of course, Iranian missiles. Russia has not abandoned its intentions to receive from Iran kamikaze drones and, in a certain way, missiles, which were announced earlier – Fateh-110 and Zolfaghar. This is ballistics, and we have no means against ballistics today. We understand that Russia also has ballistics in the form of those same Kinzhal missiles. This is actually a complex, but air-based, which strikes along a ballistic trajectory. Likewise, Kh-22 missiles … and S-300 S-400 missiles – anti-aircraft missiles that hit on a ballistic trajectory,” Ignat said.


According to him, these are one of the main challenges and threats today. The speaker recalled that several countries had declared their readiness to provide Ukraine with the necessary weapons.

“It is possible to destroy them (installations) in positions, but our partners also understand that we need means against ballistic threats. Such as Patriot PAC-3 and SAMP-T. We see shifts: Italy, and France also announced their readiness to transfer these systems in Ukraine, which is now being actively discussed after the same Ramstein. Therefore, there is a threat, it has not disappeared anywhere, and we must respond to it,” Ignat summed up.

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