Russia withdraws troops to Zaporizhzhia

The Russian invaders are withdrawing troops from Melitopol and part of the Vasilyevsky district to Zaporizhzhia, possibly as part of a rotation.

According to the Telegram channel of the Zaporizhzhia Regional Military Administration, its chairman Alexander Starukh said this on television, informing about the situation in the region regarding the Russian invasion.

According to him, the occupiers are moving in the direction of Kherson.

Starukh noted that the occupiers did not abandon their attempts to move further east of the Zaporizhzhia region.

“Active hostilities continue along the line of demarcation, where our military is giving a worthy rebuff to the enemy. Clashes are taking place in Orekhovo, Gulyaipole, Kamyshevakha and nearby settlements are suffering from constant shelling,” Starukh said.

According to him, the construction of defense lines continues in the Zaporizhzhia region, which significantly helps our Armed Forces to repulse the invaders. Now many fortifications have been built on the outskirts of Zaporizhzhia.

The chairman of the Zaporizhzhia MA also stressed that the work of the nuclear power plant and the general situation in the city of Energodar remained a vital issue. According to him, the station continues to operate, although employees are under constant pressure. One way or another, the nuclear power plant remains Ukrainian and provides electricity to our energy system.

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