Russian military training with the launch of Iskander missile systems held in the Kaliningrad region

During the military exercises in the Kaliningrad region of Russia, where transit is restricted due to EU sanctions, shootings and rocket launches of operational-tactical complexes “Iskander” took place on Tuesday.

This is reported by “European Pravda” with reference to the message of the Baltic Fleet of Russia.

About 500 servicemen of the Russian Federation took part in these trainings. Up to 30 pieces of equipment were also involved. 100 more soldiers took part in missile training on 20 units of military and special equipment.

More than half of the combat exercises are carried out in the dark. The message says that night sights, night vision devices, and lighting missiles are used to conduct aimed fire in conditions of limited visibility.

During the practice of missile strikes, Russian units carried out a secret sortie and hit targets imitating “launchers of missile complexes, airfields, protected objects, accumulations of military equipment and command posts of a hypothetical enemy.”

“In addition, the combat calculations of the fleet’s missile unit worked out actions in the conditions of radiation and chemical contamination of the area, as well as regarding the reflection of the attack of sabotage and reconnaissance groups of a conditional enemy,” the Baltic Fleet added.

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