Russian Oligarch’s yacht sunk: Ukrainian took an act of revenge for the shooting in Kyiv

The Ukrainians, having sunk the yacht “Lady Anastasia” of the Russian oligarch, were stranded on Majorca, and the yacht was standing at the port. Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the Interior Minister, shared the story of this incident on his personal Telegram channel. He turned to the Ukrainian sailor, calling him a hero.

It is known that agents of the Civil Guard arrested the Ukrainian on February 26 at 12.35. The man was accused of partially sinking the luxury yacht, based in the port of Adriano, in Calvia. The sailor worked on this Mikheev for about ten years. His boss is one of the directors of Rostech, which makes weapons for the aggressor.

The Ukrainian did not deny his guilt.

He explained to the judge that the ship owner is responsible for the production of weapons used to attack his country. When the detainee saw on TV how a Russian cruise missile hit an apartment building where civilians lived, he was embarrassed.

He realized that this was a cruise missile produced by his boss’s company made. The man mentioned that he lived in Kyiv in an apartment similar to the one destroyed on Lobanovsky Street.

For this reason, the sailor returned to the ship, deciding to take revenge on the owner. He opened the valves in the engine room and another compartment where the crew lives. Then he turned off the fuel taps and turned off the electricity to prevent leaks.

The sailor ordered three other crew members, also Ukrainians, to leave the ship.

The damage from the incident reaches seven million euros. The Ukrainian was charged by a Spanish court but was not held in prison.

At the same time, Spanish journalists noted in the news that another yacht is currently in the same port. The 77-meter ship belongs to Russian tycoon Viktor Vekselberg, who is considered a friend of Putin.

Now the Russians will not feel safe anywhere!

Anton Gerashchenko

The trial took place today on February 27. It is known that the judge released the Ukrainian sailor.

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