Russians paint over the board numbers, covering the remnants of military honour

Source: State Border Service

Right now the military of the aggressor country are painting over the names and board numbers on their ships.

Aware of the dirty methods of waging war by the invaders, this action is seen as a preparation for future provocations against civilian ships with the subsequent accusation of Ukrainian warships.

Note that the Russian navy continues to cultivate the lowest traditions of piracy.

Since the beginning of the large-scale invasion of Ukraine, orcs have repeatedly marked by meanness in the Black Sea.

Under the pretext of a fake counter-terrorist operation, the work of Ukrainian ports was blocked. 4 civilian ships were fired upon. From one of the lined tankers, they arranged an environmental bomb. Seized one search and rescue vessel and repeatedly threatened to use weapons to rescue boats that came to the aid of the crews of the downed vessels.
A country without honor and dignity cannot enjoy the benefits of promoting navigation.

So we are watching the reaction of the world community.
Russian ships will soon be unable to leave ports due to the refusal of the Lloyd’s Voyage Rus company to sell and upgrade electronic navigation maps C-MAP, which are used by most russian ships.

EU countries and the United Kingdom are considering banning russian ships from entering their ports.

Swedish ports have already boycotted all Russian ships and cargo.
The Danube Commission has stripped Russia of its powers and demanded compensation for disrupting shipping.

And Turkey uses its powers under the 1936 Montreux Convention to close the Bosphorus and Dardanelles to foreign warships in time of war and in case of threat.

Therefore, the painted over names and board numbers will not cover from away from shame and contempt around the world. And all those involved will be held accountable for war crimes and those who silenced these war crimes.