Russian strike on Kyiv region: energy facility damaged, rolling blackouts possible

As a result of the morning shelling of the Kyiv region by Russian occupiers, an energy infrastructure facility was significantly damaged.

This was reported by the press service of National Power Company Ukrenergo Telegram.

“Today, the enemy made another barbaric attack on critical infrastructure. As a result, the energy infrastructure facility in the Kyiv region was severely damaged. Specialists of NPC Ukrenergo are already working to restore the reliability of power supply to Kyiv and the central region,” the report says.

At the same time, the Ukrenergo dispatch center warns of possible applications of emergency shutdown schedules.

  • On the morning of October 15, Russian troops launched new attacks on the critical infrastructure of the Kyiv region.
  • As a result of the enemy attack, the energy facility suffered “heavy damage”. There were no casualties, according to preliminary data.
  • Specialists of NPC Ukrenergo are already working at the scene.

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