Russian troops had chemical weapons near Kyiv: six fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were poisoned

Photo: © AP / Scanpix

During the attack on Kyiv, the Russian invaders carried chemical weapons. Six soldiers are believed to have been affected by the sarin. This was stated by the fighter of the International Legion Alexei Bobrovnikov, according to the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security on Monday, May 23.

“Seven people were in the hangar with the Mriya (Dream) plane. A few hours after the operation – nausea, swelling, problems with urination. We understand at the level of the diagnosis of Ukrainian doctors that it is sarin. And one of the laboratories in the NATO country, to which our guys sent blood samples, said it was a toxic reaction to sarin poisoning,” Bobrovnikov said.

He suspects that the Russian military may have deliberately left a container of chemicals during the retreat to poison our fighters.

“The Ukrainian military during the cleansing found a large amount of enemy chemical defenses, which is another proof that the Russians had chemical weapons,” the fighter of the International Legion said.

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