Russians abroad pretend to be Ukrainians to use public transport for free

By the materials of UNIAN

Since the beginning of the war in many EU countries, refugees from Ukraine have enjoyed economic and social benefits. Among them – free travel in transport with a Ukrainian passport.

In this regard, the Russians in Germany figured out a “life hack”. They buy Ukrainian passport covers and put them on top of theirs to get transport benefits.

The frauds were proudly shown on social networks by the Russians themselves. Moreover, they advise their fellow citizens abroad not to admit where they come from. They say that such a maneuver “helps just to live” because no one is bullying them when foreigners see the Ukrainian symbols on the covers.

“It’s me in Germany who put the cover of a Ukrainian passport on my Russian passport to travel around the city by tram for free”

Also, the Russians are advised to deny the actions of their President Vladimir Putin and openly say that they are against the war in Ukraine. This is worth doing so as not to get corny in the face.

For more than a month, the civilized world has been cutting ties with Russia because of the war in Ukraine. The restrictions relate to the circulation of currency in the country, debt obligations, sanctions against Russian banks, etc. In addition, visits abroad have also become extremely problematic for Russians.

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