SALIUT. Issue (001)

SALIUT is a contemporary photography magazine that serves as a platform for emerging and well-renowned Ukrainian artists. SALIUT Magazine was realized with the support from Ukrainan Culural Foundation.

Saliut magazine serves as a platform for emerging and well-renowned Ukrainian artists. The magazine is a publication of Osnovy Foundation. The topic with which we begin our introduction is the history of women in photography and their role in modern Ukraine.

Current issue is dedicated to women photographers. It features 29 projects about different emotional states, aspects and stages of women’s life. The issue covers a range of genres including documentary, portraiture, landscape and fashion photography.

Left: On the Edge of Heaven photo project by Elena Subach | Photo by Iryna Pap

Ukrainian women photographers of the early XXth century, imitating the behavioral patterns of male photographers, intuitively fought over a place in this business, with the exception of those who by definition existed outside the industry and developed in cultural isolation.

There are no statistics that could tell us the number of women authors who left photography because of social prejudices, self-censorship, or psychological pressure. And those who managed to establish themselves as photographers deliberately avoided the emotional connotation in their work in favour of showing resolve, challenging danger, and aiming for significance.

Each photo project is dedicated to a particular component or a life-changing event from a woman’s life — occurrence or a decision. The poetic visual narrative we tell is divided into three sections: childhood, youth and adulthood.

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