Salt Award 2020: the best restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs of Ukraine

On Tuesday, December 1, the National Restaurant Salt Award 2020 was presented in Ukraine.

2,250 nominee establishments were nominated for the award in 2020, 162 of them became finalists for Salt 2020, and only 18 received the coveted award: copper pans. The award ceremony took place at the Parkovy Exhibition and Convention Center, from where the broadcast was broadcast online, as the usual solemn ceremony was prevented by quarantine restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. This year awards were given to the best establishments in Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnipro, Khmelnitsky and Odessa.

This year the word resilience has become the main word in the restaurant business and not only. Clench your teeth and hold on. If all the teeth are in place and there is something to hold on to, then we will break through

Odessa restaurateur and award visionary Savva Libkin

Salt 2020 Winners

Best bar
Zelda Bar, Odessa

Best restaurant with a wine list
Bernardazzi, Odessa

Best cafe
Silence.espresso bar, Odessa

Best confectionery
Tort’n’tart, Odessa

Best Asian Restaurant
China Ma, Kyiv

Best restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine
Restaurant Shpigel, Khmelnitsky

Best City Cafe
Gorcafe 1654, Kharkov

Best restaurant of national cuisine
Osteria Il Tartufo, Kharkov

Best Country Restaurant
Nasha Dacha, Kharkov

Discovery of the year
Giannivino, Dnipro

Best hotel restaurant
11 Mirrors Rooftop Restaurant & Bar, Kyiv

Best beer restaurant
AltBier, Kharkov

Best beer restaurant
Brugge, Kyiv

Best meat restaurant
LIVE, Kyiv

Best Wine Bar
101 Wine Bar (Good Wine), Kyiv

Best cafe bakery
Bakehouse (Good Wine), Kyiv

Jury selection
Favorite uncle, Kyiv

Best beer bar
LisoPylka, Kyiv

Best fish restaurant
Catch Seafood Restaurant, Kyiv

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