SBI employees exposed a criminal scheme of illegal export of gold and platinum to Europe

The SBI continues to systematically expose and eliminate criminal schemes at customs that cause millions of dollars in losses to the state budget.

The SBI exposed a criminal scheme for exporting precious and non-ferrous metals from Ukraine, which was organized by representatives of a private Kyiv company and Volyn Customs officials.

In two trucks with trailers, the perpetrators tried to take more than 45.5 tons of scrap, which contains non-ferrous and precious metals, out of the country.

Since such export is prohibited by law, the cargo was registered as brass slag. In fact, the trucks contained whole and crushed chips containing platinum, gold, and non-ferrous metals. The recipient is a German company.

According to preliminary estimates, the value of raw materials that were tried to be illegally exported from Ukraine is more than 200,000 US dollars. At the request of the SBI, the court seized the cargo and both vehicles in which contraband was transported, the value of which is almost 150 thousand dollars.

The Volyn Regional Prosecutor’s Office carries out procedural management.

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