SBU detained the agent of the Russian Federation who developed the concept of “The Mykolaiv People’s Republic”

Counterintelligence of SBU detained the former deputy of the city council of Mykolaiv, who prepared for the arrival of «Russian peace». On the instructions of the Russian special services, he developed the concept of the “Mykolaiv People’s Republic”, which later had to “join” the Russian Federation.

According to the available data, the man prepared a documentary, legal and socio-political “justification” for creating and functioning a fake republic within the region.

According to the documents seized from him during the search, the Mykolayiv region had to declare its withdrawal from the jurisdiction and state-administrative composition of Ukraine, declaring itself the “Mykolayiv People’s Republic” (MPR).

And then, for a month to switch to Russian, get your own “coat of arms, flag and anthem.” The existence of the “MPR” – was only during the “special military operation” of the Russian Federation.

“And after its completion, the MPR will petition the leadership of the Russian Federation to include the MPR in the Russian Federation as a separate region (subject of the federation),” reads the concept developed by the detainee.

The enemy agent also planned to introduce the Russian ruble on the territory of the “pseudo-republic”, to reorganize the education and health care systems on the model of the Russian Federation, and to operate the cultural branch “on the principles and foundations of the ideas of the Russian peace.”

According to available data, the enemy promised the agent one of the leading positions in pseudo-formation if they managed to capture the Mykolaiv area. Therefore, the defendant not only prepared “concepts”, but also provided information about the Armed Forces units in the regional center.

In the course of the authorized search, irrefutable evidence of his involvement in illegal activities was seized, namely:

  • correspondence with representatives of the special services of the Russian Federation;
  • Russian and Soviet symbols;
  • personal notes on the creation and operation of the so-called “MPR”.

The malefactor has been detained and reported on suspicion under Part 2 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (treason).

Urgent investigative and procedural actions are underway.

Measures on the termination of illegal activity were carried out by employees of SBU in the Mykolaiv area under the procedural management of the Mykolaiv regional prosecutor’s office.

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