SBU detains enemy agent in the capital and collaborator in the Sumy region

The Security Service of Ukraine is recording the intensification of Russian special services to recruit Ukrainian children to make them work as an informants. Such attempts are common throughout the country.

Thus, the SBU exposed four underage informants in Volyn and Donetsk regions. In Lutsk, police drew attention to three teenagers who were constantly spinning near one of the checkpoints. After checking the children’s phones, many pictures of the Lutsk military airfield and repair station were found, as well as correspondence with unknown Russian subscribers. The “unknown” asked the students about the situation, trying to find out information about the location of military facilities, military equipment and weapons.

And in Novolugansk, through the Telegram-messenger, the invader established contact with the minor Ukrainian. He promised a “fee” for information about the positions of the Armed Forces in the village and photos of the shelling sites.

Due to the intervention of law enforcement officers, criminal cooperation was stopped.

In Rivne region:

The security service blocked the local branch’s activities of the Shariy Party.

More than 300 people who conducted special information operations in favor of Russia were exposed. Through social networks, regional Internet resources and Telegram channels, the propagandists deliberately disseminated manipulative and distorted information about the war and events in Ukraine.

Currently, all channels through which hostile propaganda was spread are blocked, and appropriate investigative actions are being carried out with the exposed persons.

In Kyiv:

SBU special forces detained a Russian agent correcting enemy missile attacks on the capital. He was recruited in 2014 and put on hold.

On behalf of the Russian special services, the man collected and transmitted data on the location of critical energy and water supply facilities in Kyiv. Then the enemy carried out targeted missile strikes. As a result, some of the capital was temporarily left without electricity.

The other day, curators were preparing him for an “evacuation” to the Crimea, but the SBU thwarted these plans and detained the traitor.

In the Sumy region:

SBU officers detained the head of the Buryn territorial community. He is suspected of collaborating with the occupiers.

The man provided them with premises for the base of military equipment, opened access to repair shops and provided them with food. In addition, the head of the OTG surrendered the Armed Forces’ positions and announced the fastest way to move in the direction of Kyiv.

In Odessa:

The SBU neutralized a criminal group that threatened the safety and tranquility of the city’s residents. The organizer and three participants of the RAM were detained during the special operation. The attackers were covered up with fake volunteer IDs.

Among the detainees are Russian citizens and persons previously convicted of severe crimes.

Now all the defendants are under investigation; they will be held accountable for what they did before the law!

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