SBU notifies newly appointed ‘ministers’ of Crimea’s occupation administration of suspicion

The SBU has documented criminal activities of two more ‘leaders’ of the temporarily occupied Crimea. As a result of investigations, suspicion was notified to the so-called ‘minister of internal policy, information and communications’ and ‘minister of agriculture’.

Both collaborators are part of Aksyonov’s inner circle and actively support russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine.

These individuals were appointed to ‘ministerial’ positions after the full-scale aggression began.

The investigation established that the ‘officials’ were involved in theft of Ukrainian grain from the temporarily occupied territory of southern Ukraine, as well as in spreading pro-kremlin propaganda among locals. They also call people to join the ranks of pseudo-state formations and russian occupation forces.

The collaborationists are two residents of Crimea, who in 2014 supported its capture by the aggressor state. For this, occupiers appointed them the heads of local ‘administrations’ of Sovetskyi and Rozdolnenskyi districts.

Subsequently, the future ‘chief’ agrarian was appointed to the so-called ‘supreme council of the republic of Crimea’, where he headed one of the committees.

Based on the collected evidence, SBU investigators suspect both traitors of collaboration (Article 111-1.5 of the CCU). The decision to declare them wanted is pending.

The pre-trial investigation was carried out by the SBU Office in the Crimea under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office of Crimea and Sevastopol.

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