SBU uncovers a secret warehouse with ammunition and components for military equipment for $200 million

All this equipment has already been transferred to the needs of the Ukrainian army.

According to preliminary data, the parts available there were intended for lined equipment of the Russian Federation, which the enemy was going to repair at the production facilities of the city. Thus, Russia planned to use Kharkiv as a “transshipment base” for further offensive deep into Ukraine.

However, thanks to the heroic resistance of Ukrainian defenders, Kharkiv was not surrounded. And by the efforts of the Security Service of Ukraine, the entire withdrawn consignment of weapons will go to the needs of the Armed Forces and will be used to protect our state.

Among other things, during the searches, the SBU seized and handed it over to the Ministry of Defense:

  • 60 complete tank engines
  • a large number of spare parts and components for armored vehicles, which were placed in 10 railway cars for their rapid movement.

In addition, 26 guided air-to-air missiles were found in some disguised premises. Such property is part of the regular armament of military aircraft and helicopters and is used to destroy aircraft.

The SBU found that the equipment in this warehouse had previously been stolen from military arsenals. And on the eve of a full-scale invasion, the warehouse owners intended to cooperate with the occupying forces and provide equipment for the enemy’s needs.

Currently, the SBU has identified those involved in the crime and is taking immediate measures to detain them.

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