Scott Kelly visited Irpin

Scott Kelly raised $500,000 to support Ukrainians during a full-scale war.

The mayor of the city, Olexander Markushin, announced this in Telegram.

“Today we hosted American astronaut Scott Kelly. Mr. Kelly is an ambassador of the UNITED24 fundraising platform and was the first to donate $65,000 to purchase ambulances for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Scott Kelly raised $500,000 in support of the Ukrainians,” he wrote.

Kelly set a record for staying in orbit, spending 340 consecutive days on board. The astronaut decided to immortalize this record and create a series of works of art in NFTs. The drop was called “Dreams from this world.”

On Cosmonautics Day, April 12, Kelly put the collection up for auction OpenSea, which was supposed to last three days, but the NFT creations sold out in a few hours. The collected funds were transferred to Ukrainians who suffered from the war.

It is extremely pleasant that such famous people from different parts of the world are now united to help Ukraine.