Dredging in the waters of the seaport Belgorod-Dniestrovsky were resumed

Currently, the state stevedore of the State Enterprise “Belgorod-Dniestrovsky Sea Commercial Port” is actively working to restore access to the port.

To restore the declared depths, after spawning, “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority” (USPA) resumed operational dredging works in the waters of the seaport Belgorod-Dniestrovsky, which will be carried out economically. The works will allow restoring the depths and throughput on the estuary part of the approach channel of the port, which is a connecting link and which is navigable by the Dniester Estuary (from the railway bridge in Zatoka to the inner waters of Belgorod-Dniestrovsky seaport).

“After a long absence of berths and lengthy negotiations with cargo owners, the port is waiting to restore depths. I express my gratitude to the leadership of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the Administration of Seaports of Ukraine, for a quick solution to the main problem of the port. Given that the State Property Fund expects to privatize the Belgorod-Dniestrovsky port by the end of 2021, the property of which has already been transferred to its balance sheet, we believe that due to the restoration of suitable canals, the Belgorod-Dniestrovsky port will be the most attractive for investment”, commented the acting Director of the Belgorod-Dniestrovsky Sea Commercial Port, Oksana Kiktenko,

Dredger “Dniprovsky-5”

According to Oleksandr Holodnytskyi, the head of USPA, by the end of this year, it is planned to perform operational dredging on the priority (shallow) sections of the canal in the amount of about 400 thousand m3, taking into account the volume already executed in the first quarter.

“Due to the company’s specialised fleet, the Belgorod-Dniester port has the opportunity for further development with minimal costs. Operational dredging on the canal is performed by our forces with the help of a stationary dredger “Dniprovsky-5” with a floating slurry pipe and anchor holder “SZ-1” of the branch “Dredging Fleet” of SE “USPA”,” added Oleksandr Holodnytskyi.

It will be recalled that the port’s capacity allows handling more than a million tons of cargo. In 2019, 117 thousand tons were processed; in 2020 – 77 thousand tons – only 2.35 thousand tons this year.

Reference: the Dnieper-5 dredger was transferred to the State Enterprise “USPA” from the State Enterprise “Ukrvodshlyakh” in 2018 on the order of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine dated May 29, 2018, № 239.

The dredger was obtained with missing classification documents, without a floating slurry pipeline, with significant wear of hull structures and ship mechanisms. The Dniprovskyi-5 land caravan includes the anchor plant SZ -1, for which there were also no classification documents.

After the repair works of USPA during 2019-2020 and the purchase of a new slurry pipeline (made in Turkey), it became possible to involve the DN-5 dredger to perform dredging works at the facilities of AMPU to maintain the announced depths of shipping ways.

Dredger “Dniprovsky-5” is designed to perform dredging with soil reflux along the slurry pipeline at a distance of up to 500 m.