Sergey Grabsky explained why the invaders announced an evacuation in Kherson

Sergey Grabsky noted that the invaders would surrender and run away from the Kherson region

The Russian occupiers announced the evacuation of civilians from Kherson to use them as a “human shield”. The invaders continue to plunder Ukraine. This was told by military expert Sergey Grabsky in an interview with UNIAN.

According to him, Ukraine has concentrated enough resources and will try to liberate the Kherson region, so the Russians are trying to act in their usual manner: they rob everything that can be robbed, and they take out everything that can be taken out.

“The evacuation of the population is also a robbery of potential. And do you know why? Because I specifically looked through collaborator resources, it was said that the Russian government is ready to provide housing on the territory of the Russian Federation. And this is a robbery of Ukraine, because people who will lead to this proposal, will no longer be able to return home.They will be driven there to replenish the resources of depressed regions. No one will offer them an apartment in Moscow or St. Petersburg, by no means. This is a total robbery. Systematic, phenomenal, polished robbery of anything and everything. Everything that can be stolen, everything that can be stolen, including human potential,” the expert noted.

At the same time, he indicated that the occupiers would use evacuation to take out their equipment, hiding behind civilians.

“From a military point of view, they already know very well how we will act. If they begin to evacuate residents, and between cars or buses with people, they will put trucks with the military or move columns on foot; we will not shoot at them. That is, this is another war crime – the use of civilians as human shields. There is not a single war crime that Russian troops have not committed on the territory of Ukraine. During the “evacuation” of the population, roughly speaking, each Russian soldier can hide behind at least two other civilians, and we will not shoot at them. That’s the problem. Therefore, they do not act chaotically, they act absolutely consciously, they act clearly, cynically,” Grabsky explained.

In addition, he pointed out that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are deliberately destroying the command posts of the Russian army to weaken it.

“The Russian army is good when it relies on a vertical command and control system. If you read our reports, we specifically indicate in a separate line how many command posts we destroyed. That is, when the army breaks into fragments, it will cease to be stable. The Russians do not know how to fight in isolation. The level of command personnel, the level of independence in decision-making there is zero. The same applies to junior officers, whose losses are quite serious; they do not overlap,” the military expert explained.

He is confident that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not have to fight for every house, as they did in the case of Severodonetsk or Lysychansk because the Russians will simply give up or flee.

“Those who do not run away, of course, individual resistance can be like rats driven into a corner. Therefore, the recommendation for the civilians of Kherson is not to become a human shield and find a shelter where you can somehow protect themselves from bullets. Victims don’t care But there is no way to count on some kind of organized resistance,” Grabsky summed up.

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