Serhiy Marchenko discussed the restoration of Ukrainian cities with the mayor of the Italian city of Bergamo

Italy will continue to raise funds for reconstructing the city of Bucha, which was partially destroyed by the Russian army. This was announced during a meeting with the Minister of Finance of Ukraine, Serhiy Marchenko by the mayor of the Italian city of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori.

Giovanni Salvetti, Managing Director of the Rothschild International Banking Group in the CIS, also participated in the meeting.

Topics for discussion were the attraction of resources and funding for the reconstruction of Bucha and other Ukrainian cities affected by the criminal actions of Russia.

Serhiy Marchenko thanked the representatives of the Italian Republic for their significant contribution to the reconstruction of Ukraine.

“Today, infrastructure damage reaches 104 billion US dollars, but the war is not over. Now and after the victory, we have a difficult path to restore Ukraine. I am very grateful to our friends, particularly from Italy, for their active support and involvement in the reconstruction process,” said Serhiy Marchenko.

In April 2022, the Italian humanitarian organization Cesvi, headquartered in Bergamo, decided to allocate the first 500 million euros for reconstructing Bucha.

The mayor of Bucha’s sister city said the amount of financial support for rehabilitating communal infrastructure and social facilities in Bucha would be increased through charitable contributions from private and public donors, including the municipality of Bergamo.

Priority areas for the reconstruction of Bucha are rebuilding destroyed infrastructure, housing, and re-equipment of special equipment parks, including ambulances, fire engines, and public transport.

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