Goods for shipping companies: Tavria V increases its market share

The renowned retailer successfully supplies goods to ship operators and is going to enlarge its share in the market. «TAVRIA V» that has grown from a regular retailer into a manufacturer and service-provider, sets sights for enlarging its share in this unique market.

It is natural that the company founded 28 years ago in Odessa by Boris Muzalev is interested in the shipping market. For over a decade now, TAVRIA V supplies its goods to maritime forwarding and port companies.

The reports of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority show that 10,851 vessels were handled in 2020. The Port of lzmail accounts for 24% of them, the Port of Chernomorsk – 16%, same as the Port of Nykolaiev, while the Port of Odessa covered 13% of the vessels. Today, TAVRIA V, that has grown from a regular retailer into a manufacturer and service-provider, sets sights for enlarging its share in this unique market.

2020 shows a 34% jump in the shipping companies’ turnover comparing to 2018. The average annual increase in turnover is 16%. TAVRIA V engages the partners by both its favourable prices and high quality of goods and services. The vendor understands and meets all the industry’s peculiarities and needs. During many years of business activities TAVRIA V has gained significant capacity and expertise in working with customers.

These days, TAVRIA V is not only a retailer and a wholesaler. It also includes the enterprises of public catering, manufacturing, construction, and real estate management. The company owns 21 brands. The list of their own branded products amounts to 2,500 items, produced by the company itself as well as by its domestic and overseas manufacturing partners. Company’s trading and production capacities include: 103 retail facilities; 367,015 sq. m of shopping spaces and warehouses; 22 semi-finished meat product plants; 30 bakeries; 34 culinary shops; 8 pastry shops; 14 fast-food outlets T SPRINT; 3 restaurants; 1 fish processing plant; 1 garment, knitwear, and legwear plant; 1 brewery.

Besides Odessa region, TAVRIA V operates in Kyiv, Kharkov, Nykolaiev, Kherson, and Khmelnytskyi regions. What the company is particularly proud of is its 51,874 sq.m. logistics centre. The competent staff, high automation level, and its own heavy truck fleet enable the Company to reach 78% of cargo concentration. They were the first in the South of Ukraine to start an e-commerce in 1999. Today, the website www.tavriav.com sells over 70,000 items. In 2020, the web-site was redesigned to enhance its security and make it even more user-friendly when reached both from a PC or mobile devices.

Company’s commitment to advanced technologies helps its customers to adapt to the pandemic restrictions. TAVRIA V was the first in Southern Ukraine to launch an innovative service project: a self-checkout lane allowing for contactless payments.

It is worth mentioning that it is TAVRIA V’s Department for Technological Innovations that provides services for shipping companies. And it plays a crucial role as dock operations require efficiency, precision, and promptness of ship chandling.