“Shury-Murrry” cats for Cat’s tour

On October 6, at the entrance to the Ostrov shopping center, the 15th sculpture of the Odessa cats tourist route project was unveiled. The composition is unusual in that it contains two cats that have no names. The sculpture is named “Shury-Murrry”.

During construction of “Ostrov” shoping mall, cats from “Privoz” market came running here, and the guards and builders fed them. The “Ostrov” management knew about the tourist route project and decided to become a part of it. This is how work began on the 15th cat sculpture of the route.

According to the author of the project, Tatyana Shtykalo, the composition depicts cats basking in the sun, symbolizing the hot summer of Odessa. Cats are made of polyester resin not to become an object of encroachment by metal hunters. Tatiana have been working on the project for more than six months.

For the images, I was looking for a face-faced cat-boy, so that he had big cheeks and a slender girl-coquette. It depicts not so much love as the Odessa heat. We all saw, passing through the streets in the summer, crowds of fallen cats. This is what my sculpture is about.

Tatyana Shtykalo

The cultural project and at the tourist route “Odessa cats” continues to expand its geography.