Snail farming in Ukraine conquering European market.

The Snail business is very attractive with a short payback period. A family Snail Farm was established in Odessa region in 2018.

Ukrainian snails conquer the livestock market of the European Union. In 2017, the export of snails to Europe was carried out by 5 Ukrainian firms. Today, snail breeding is a profitable business in Ukraine. Of the 20 large snails farms, the largest shipped 50 tons of raw escargots to Europe.

The global market for edible snails is 300,000 tons, valued at €1 billion and it is growing at 4.5% per annum, so price levels are being maintained.

The snail business is very attractive with a short payback period. The entire process of raising of snails from March to September. During this time, the snails hatching from eggs become adults and are ready for sale or reproduction and selection.

Fact 1
In Europe, picking snails in the wild nature is prohibited. And restaurants buy only farm snails.

Fact 2
1 ton of broodstock gives 30-40 tons of adult snails in 6 months. The cost of processed snails in a supermarket: 950 UAH / kg.

Fact 3
The cost of 1 kilo of a delicate snail caviar with the smell of mushrooms is 2000-2500 USD. Twice as expensive as sturgeon and half as expensive as beluga caviar.

In the South of Ukraine, on the banks of the Khadzhibey liman a snail farm was established in 2018 – FAMILY SNAIL FARM. The farm raises an ecological MULLER. Read Family Snail Farm history.


In 2017, when Artem Bayramov decided to start Snail business there were two more frams in Ukraine: in L’viv and Poltava. Today there are already more than 150 farms, 10% of which were opened thanks to the seminars conducted by the Bayramov family. And it all started with a farm on 20 acres of land with 200 kg of snails. Today snails are grown on a land area of ​​0.5 hectares, where crop volumes of up to 12 tons can be achieved.

The main premises of the farm are the mother stock, in which there are tables where the broodstock (reproducer) is directly brought out.

Twice an hour, the air here changes completely. Snails need to breathe pure oxygen. We need fogging systems to create 90% moisture in the room. Sewerage done. The controller is responsible for everything

Artem Bayramov
Family Snail Farm
Snail Caviar
Escargots à la Bourguignonne

In addition to growing broodstock this year, the owners set about developing another direction – they began selling stuffed snails in sauces. Also they plan to invest in the opening of a workshop with a team of chefs in order to bring this direction to a higher level.

Is snail farming a profitable business in 2020? Definitely, the demand is growing and the world is looking for different ways to grow nutritious and high protein food on a smaller space. Snails are a perfect example of how low-impact farming can bring great benefits.


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