Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will arrive in Kyiv on Thursday morning

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will arrive in Ukraine in the morning by train, reports the Spanish OK diario.

“This will be Sanchez’s second trip to Ukraine. He was already in the country last April. The trip plan, sources close to the head of government confirmed to OK diario, is very similar to the one he used then. The president and his team are flying from Madrid to the Polish city of Rzeszów on board a governmental plane… Once in Poland, the government delegation will travel by land transport to the Ukrainian border, it is expected that early at night, Pedro Sanchez and the team accompanying him will board a night train that will take them to the capital, where they will arrive shortly before 8 in the morning,” the message reads.

The media notes that the plans for the trip were recently denied.

In Kyiv, Sanchez is expected to meet with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. “It is not yet known whether, during the president’s stay in Ukraine, he will make any statement about Spain’s bilateral support for Zelensky, as he did a few months ago, and as other international leaders who met with Zelensky at the headquarters of the Ukrainian president did in each of their visits “, the message emphasizes.

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