Lower net profit in 2020 by the Ukrainian producer of steel ropes Stalkanat-Silur

PJSC Stalkanat-Silur, based in Odessa, following the results of work in 2020, reduced its net profit by 21.3% to UAH 116.761 million, compared to 2019’s result of UAH 148.419 million.

According to the company’s announcement of the annual meeting of shareholders on April 26, its operating loss at the end of the year amounted to UAH 151.677 million.

Over the past year, the plant reduced its current liabilities by 27% – to UAH 812.295 million, long-term liabilities amounted to UAH 130.162 million. At the same time, accounts receivable decreased by 4.5% – to UAH 142.596 million.

According to the announcement, the assets of Stalkanat-Silur in 2020 decreased by 3% – to UAH 1.7 billion, including fixed assets decreased by 3.5% – to UAH 1.3 billion.

The draft decisions of the meeting say that shareholders are invited to leave the profit received in 2020 unallocated.

Founded in 1806 by the Bryansk merchant Illya Novikov, PJSC Stalkanat-Silur produces steel, nylon ropes and metal goods. The Company exports in more than 70 countries in the world. Owner and Chairman of Stalkanat-Silur is the Odessa entrepreneur Vladimir Nemirovsky.

Vladimir Nemirovsky