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Main War — State procures close-range electronic warfare systems for Defense forces


State procures close-range electronic warfare systems for Defense forces

17 Apr, 2024
State procures close-range electronic warfare systems for Defense forces

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Thanks to the systematic work of Brave1, the market for electronic warfare (EW) continues to actively develop in Ukraine. The state has already purchased 2,000 close-range EW devices, including so-called trench EW, from developers who are participants of the cluster. The majority of these devices have been allocated by the General Staff and transferred to the Defense Forces for deployment in the hottest areas of the front lines, to be used for protecting vehicles, transport, assault units, and forward positions.

"In the realm of EW, we are following a path similar to what we did with drones: simplifying bureaucracy for product codification according to NATO standards, opening the market to manufacturers, and fostering competition among them. We are already seeing the first results of this policy change. Ukraine now has a new class of EW devices - close-range EW. They protect armored vehicles, transport, evacuation and logistics vehicles, and personnel from enemy drones. Our strategic goal is for every unit and every piece of equipment that requires EW protection to receive it. Together with the General Staff, the Ministry of Defense, the State Special Communications Service, and Brave1, we have already taken important steps and made necessary decisions to achieve this goal. We will continue to provide units with EW devices to save as many lives as possible," stated Vice Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science, and Technology Development - Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov.

Funding for the purchase of EW devices was provided by the "Servant of the People" party. Parliamentarians saved 180 million hryvnias from the annual state budget and directed them through UNITED24 to procure EW devices.

"What are EW systems for the Ukrainian army? They are primarily tens of thousands of saved lives of our soldiers, preservation of equipment and ammunition, and covering and protection. They skillfully 'jam' and bring down enemy FPV drones, reduce the effectiveness of enemy reconnaissance, and complicate enemy advances. That's why 'Servant of the People' transferred 180 million hryvnias through the UNITED24 platform to support the Armed Forces. This is the second time the party has directed funds to the army; for example, last year, 130 million hryvnias were allocated for the purchase of Stugna-P anti-tank guided missiles," said Olena Shuliak, head of the "Servant of the People" party.


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When Brave1 began its work, there were about 10 EW/EW countermeasure (ECM/ECCM) solutions. Today, over 100 developments are registered on the platform, and 9 of them have already been codified according to NATO standards.

"The enemy uses FPV drones, reconnaissance drones, and drone-droppers on the front lines every day. Our military have a great need for close-range EW devices that can protect positions and equipment. When the Brave1 cluster was launched, the EW/ECCM direction was identified as one of the priorities. That's why Brave1 systematically

works on the EW/ECCM direction to find the most effective solutions, develop expedited procedures, form an environment for engineers and manufacturers focusing on EW solutions, and actively interact with the military to receive quick feedback from end-users," said Colonel Ivan Pavlenko, Head of the Main Directorate of Radio-Electronic and Cyber Warfare of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

To open up the EW market and create conditions for the development and scaling of production, legislation has already been amended, and revolutionary resolutions have been adopted. These include expanding the fast track for EW devices, simplifying the codification procedure, increasing the margin for manufacturers to 25%, exempting from VAT and import duties on components, and more.

As a result of joint efforts and adopted decisions, we receive codified products from Ukrainian companies that receive state orders and are supplied to the front lines.

Technologies and their application approaches need continuous improvement. This is especially relevant for EW devices. Therefore, the goal of Brave1 remains to expand and develop the community of developers to search for relevant and effective technological solutions.

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The Odessa Journal

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